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IMSA at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - Thursday getting ready

Mobil 1 Sportscar GP 2019
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Thursday – Paddock Setup

There is a lot of work that happens on Thursday in the paddock. The race teams’ trailers are unloaded of the many cars, parts, tools and other equipment needed for a race weekend. The teams have meetings and discussions about the cars, the track, the weather, the other cars, the other drivers.
The cars are unloaded and set up on stands, then the work begins as the technicians take the cars apart and check everything from tire pressure to wiring, spoilers and wings to brakes. Some cars look like they will never get back together again but they do. Walking through the paddock you can see the teams working like bees or ants, all scurrying and working for one purpose…the checkered flag.
Once the cars are checked over and put back together, they head for the inspection tent where the race organizer has a set of scrutineers go over the cars for safety and rules.
Other teams are also hard at work, the tire companies. They set up and make sure that every car in the race has the proper tires for the weekend, both dry and rain tires. There are literally hundreds of tires prepared for the teams and they continue all weekend.
Then it is track time, time to test the car and see how it handles. Then bring it in and go over it again, make adjustments and then prepare for qualifying. That is Friday. Don’t miss it.
Howard Cohen

Here are some photos of the cars seen at CTMP on the Thursday of the IMSA weekend

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