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Back on Track! - CASC-OR ready for an eventful 2015


As the new Director for CASC-OR Ontario Time Attack, I am excited to announce the 2015 season! I have much to thank our previous Director Chuck Atkins for. He served for eight years and saw to it that the Ontario Time-Attack continually evolved and moved forward. In fact, the schedule for the coming season is due to the hard work that Chuck put into organizing it. I hope to carry on with that hard work see that our series continues as the best, most competitive and exciting time attack series out there. It is my intention to also make OTA the safest time attack series for our participants, and I have been working on improvements the series can benefit from, and how to implement those changes. This year we have two schools, nine competition events and the final “Championship Shoot-Out” to determine the overall season champ. It will require commitment and skill as drivers will have to compete in at least six of the nine regular season events to qualify for the shoot-out, and then survive the tense atmosphere of the final elimination-round shoot-out event. It is a blast. I took part last year and I can tell you from experience, nobody wants to be eliminated in the first round or two. If you are still in it after the initial rounds and your nerves have steadied, the competition becomes very tight indeed.

Corey-Whiteman Erik-Dalla-Riva
Mohamed-Hussain Steve-Bortolotti

But that’s at the end of the season. In the meantime, we have a fantastic schedule throughout the year:

May 2-3: The first school event of the year will be held at the newly-designed Driver Development Track (DDT) at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). It’s perfect if you’re new to track events or need to clean off the rust from the off-season.

June 6 and 7: Events 1 and 2 are also held at the DDT at CTMP. The all-new, longer layout is challenging and technical, with several corners and elevation changes throughout.

June 20: Event 3 will be held at Toronto Motorsports Park. CASC-OR returns there after a short absence and we’re excited to offer something a little different. The event will begin around noon and go until the sun sets. We’ll see how well received this is; it may lead to an evening event under the lights next season!

June 5: For Event 4 we will return to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, where we will be at the large Grand Prix track. This happens to be my favourite track, testing the limits of the car and driver. There is a school at the same location the previous day (July 4), so if you don’t have experience at “the big track,” you can enrol in that and get prepared.

August 2: For Event 5 we travel to the Ottawa Valley area to experience Calabogie Motorsports Park, a new track for our series. I have heard only good things about this track. There will also be instruction available the previous day (August 1) to bring drivers up to speed if they are new to the circuit.

August 15-16: Events 6 and 7 are held at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Here we’ll run the two large track configurations (known as the pro track and the long track). It’s a popular and well-known destination for many of our participants.

August 29: Events 8 and 9 will be our last two regular events of the season, and they will be held at the Grand Bend Motorplex. The configuration we use is fast and fun; it’s a great summertime destination with the beautiful beaches of Lake Huron nearby.

September 26: This is the final event of the season: the “Championship Shoot-out.” For this, we return to the DDT at CTMP for the big showdown.

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