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2018 CMHF Celebration of Speed

Tickets are still available for the 2018 Celebration of Speed at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Monday, August 6.

Enthusiasts and the general public, 10 years of age and older, are invited to go along for a “ride of their life” in some very exciting automobiles with some very well-known racing car drivers.

The event will also provide the opportunity for 50 track day participants to have a full day of high-speed action piloting their own cars on the Grand Prix circuit. The CELEBRATION OF SPEED is not a timed speed event or contest of speed. Our Ride-Along drivers and Track Day participants are instructed to drive well within the limits of their cars and individual skill levels.

All proceeds from the 2018 Celebration of Speed will go to help support the Canadian Motorsport Heritage Foundation which operates the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, a charitable organization founded in 1993, which works tirelessly to recognize the achievements of those individuals and institutions that have realized significant accomplishments and have made outstanding contributions to motorsport in Canada by preserving, recording and displaying to the widest possible audience via virtual format, the appropriate information, materials and artifacts relative to them.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking this link. 

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