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Brian France charged with DUI, Oxycodone possession, steps down indefinitely

Aug 5/18: Brian France, the CEO of NASCAR was stooped after he drove through a stop sign on long Island and he was subsequently charged with DUI and illegal possession of a controlled substance, Oxycodone.

France, who is the grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France, Sr. and the son of Bill France Jr. – both of whom headed the NASCAR organization for decades has been the Chairman and CEO of NASCAR since 2003. He has stepped down for now, taking an indefinite leave of absence.

His uncle, Jim France, who is the chairman of the family-owned International Speedway Corporation, will serve as Acting CEO. His sister, Lesa France Kennedy, who is the President and CEO of ISC, is also the Executive Vice-President of NASCAR and can be expected to take a greater role while her brother is on leave.

Brian France issued this statement, “I apologize to our fans, our industry and my family for the impact of my actions last night. Effective immediately, I will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from my position to focus on my personal affairs.”

NASCAR made this official statement: “Brian France has taken an indefinite leave of absence from NASCAR as chairman and chief executive officer. Effective immediately, NASCAR Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President Jim France has assumed the role of interim chairman and chief executive officer.”

It had been reported earlier that Brian France has no ownership interest in NASCAR, the company being solely owned by Jim France and Lesa Kennedy.

Jim France is 73-years-old and one might question how much longer he would want to continue in a top role in NASCAR management.

Lesa Kennedy has long been viewed as a strong leader within the family organization and now, with Brian out of the picture indefinitely, one might guess that she and her son Ben Kennedy, who has recently joined the organization in a management role, will play an influential role in the way NASCAR goes forward.


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