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Range Rover SC 01Today, Ignition Magazine is launching a new road trip and travel section to its blog. Why? Because sometimes the vehicle is the story, and sometimes it's the destination. A lot of times it's both, but more often than not it's about the journey.

Road trips are great ways to spend time with friends, family and loved ones, including pets. They're about getting from point A to Z and experiencing every little thing in between. They're about spending time together, sharing stories with one another and a whole lot more.

Our first featured road trip came about after a good friend and colleague contacted me from his home in Belgium. My friend Joost, automotive photographer and owner of PhotoJoost.com, wanted to take his two daughters on an epic road trip and camping trip to remember. It would be their first trip to Canada, so after Ford agreed to supply a vehicle, my friend Ryan and I outfitted them with the rest of the camping and outdoor gear they would need to spend a few weeks discovering Quebec and Ontario.

In return, Joost and company would do their best to document the adventure from start to finish. English is not their native tongue, but after going back and forth a few times to get the details right, their story is now ready to be told.




Day One: Tuesday, August 6th
Brussels to Toronto (6,021.6 km)

Being picked up from Pearson International Airport by Shaun in a brand new Supercharged Range Rover Sport is something my two princesses will remember as a 'Royal entry' to Canada.

My daughters Esmée (11) and Bernice (8) are speechless as their senses begin to absorb Ontario on the Queen Elizabeth Way. It's funny how Canada even gives Royal names to its highways.

It's remarkable how many big cars there are over here, V6 engines seem like the minimum. In Europe where we live (Belgium actually) it's the opposite. Last month I saw an advertisement in which our (European) Ford Focus has a version with only a one-litre engine but with 125 (!) hp. Just to mention how everything is getting smaller, but not necessary less powerful.


Before long we're at Shaun's house meeting Lisa (his wife), cute Boden (their one-year-old son) and Pinky (their chocolate brown Labrador Retriever). My daughters play with Boden and Pinky as Shaun and I check over the camping gear he's arranged for us, going over everything we'll need for a road trip in Ontario and Quebec over a few cold beers.

The vehicle Shaun arranged for us arrives – a shiny blue Ford Flex Limited with a white roof, leather interior and powerful V6 – and the Range Rover returns with BHG for another journalist to test drive.

Upon checking it out, dad and daughters are very enthusiastic and can't wait to hit the road the next morning.


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