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Day 10: Thursday, August 15th
Bon Echo to Bronte Creek Provincial Park (332 km)

The ambition to finally kayak a couple of hours, combined with a four-hour drive, is thrown away in the morning. I'm letting my girls sleep in – my oldest daughter seems to need to catch up on some sleep the most.

Once we hit the road. I hesitate to take the 401. Hesitate because I don't want to fly by everything, I want to inhale the local air and have the availability to stop where and when I want. Highway 7 on the other hand is a two-lane road with not too much traffic. And now and then, the highway is being interrupted by a small town.

Ca9 0022

We stop in Marmora where a bunch of old-timers and muscle cars gathers. And after mailing some letters back home, head for an 'all-day breakfast' at 3.30 P.M. in one of the local restaurants.

Ca9 0015 Ca9 0020

It's our last day with our traveling partner the Ford Flex. We will certainly miss it, especially after our off-road adventure yesterday. Bernice puts on the headphones and watches one last movie while dad and Esmée enjoy the scenery en route to Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville. A few hours later we arrive.

Ca9 0033

Our tent is up, it's dark.

A sudden roar gives me goosebumps. I can't define the sound. Is it a wild dog? Is it a bear? I don't want to take any risk and put my children in the car. Two fighting raccoons roll out of the bushes. Well, that was a relief.

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