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Day 16, 17 & 18: Wednesday to Friday, August 21-23rd
Killbear Provincial Park to Gravenhurst (179 km)

We're taking the 224 East, which is a well-maintained but desolate road. We're enjoying fully of being in the wind until Burk's Falls. From Burk's Falls on, we will only be going south, slowly back to Toronto. We pause in beautiful Huntsville where local shops with local gear are welcoming us. At night we enjoy the brand-new movie 'Turbo' in a drive-in theatre. It's the first time, the girls enjoy a movie in the car in open air. And they love it!


Day 19: Saturday, August 24th
Gravenhurst to Wonderland (140 km)

A visit to Wonderland makes my decision final: dad won't go to fun parks anymore. You pay a lot of money to arrive in a noisy hell where the fast food is way too expensive and where you have to wait for hours to experience something in a couple of seconds, which can't satisfy me because of being artificial. Just give me a deserted road and a Ford Flex, that's the real stuff! In the late afternoon, with no more money left, we're so happy to be free again and enjoy a beautiful sunset on our way to Albion Hills.

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