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Day 20: Sunday, August 25th
Albion Hills to Oakville (105 km)

Today (our last day of traveling) Bernice gets to check off a few things from her wish list: the CN Tower and Chinatown. Even still, we're amazed by the huge distances in this immense land. At home in Belgium (and Europe for that matter), everything doesn't just seem a lot closer, everything is a lot closer.

Our drive to Chinatown leads us down Dundas Street (dad is convinced Dundas must stretch all the way to Vancouver) and after asking some locals, we discover that we are right close to Chinatown in Toronto! We're even more lucky to be there during the annual 'Toronto Chinatown Festival.'

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A short walk in Kensington Market is the final activity on this trip. Street artists and great performances all over almost make us miss our dinner date with Shaun and Lisa, who are welcoming us at their home for our last meal in Canada.

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We're right on time for the best meal we have been served during our whole trip. They had been cooking all day to serve us a variety of dishes – all in a healthy way – that even Bernice (who's very picky when it comes to food) didn't know what to say.

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We fill our bellies and we spend one last night in the house of our friends. In the morning, a quick breakfast and some family snapshots of growing Boden (Shaun and Lisa's great one-year-old son) and we're off to Pearson International Airport. Then homeward bound.


But wow, what a trip! What a beautiful trip that we will enjoy recounting many memories from for years to come! Esmée, Bernice and I have really enjoyed discovering Quebec and Ontario and Quebec, but without PRN Ignition's support it would not have been possible!

In addition to Shaun's family and his friend Ryan (who outfitted us with all of the equipment for this trip you may recall), I want to give special thanks to Ford Canada and Richard and Bob from BHG for helping out with transportation!

There is no way we could have seen as much of Canada (even if it was a very small part of it in the grand scheme of things) as we were able to without your support. I hope you enjoyed the photos and stories we captured. And I hope to see you all again somewhere, somehow (perhaps at my place) in the future.

Sincerely Yours,

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