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Day Two: Wednesday, August 7th
Oakville to Niagara Falls to Jordan Valley (128 km)

I promised my oldest daughter we would visit Niagara Falls during this trip. I also told her there would be a huge amount of tourists, something I don't like. Luckily for me, my daughters don't like too much tourists neither (I only learned that on the spot, and that was a big relief for me). Homo touristus in overflow, combined with a $20 CAD parking ticket isn't a very stimulating start for our trip, but the Falls stay impressive and are a must-see when you're around.


After taking in the sights, we make our way back to the highway and head back west toward a camping ground in Jordan Valley. The adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support systems feel a bit weird in the beginning, but bit by bit I do learn to trust the system, and even look for situations in which there might be a chance the system fails. The built-in security regulations are amply sufficient, and it proves there's no need to worry.


We arrive at Dressel's Jordan Valley Campground, and receive a warm welcome by the owner and by our first wildlife: some squirrels. Dad is putting the tent together while his kids are playing with the animals and discovering the pool.

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We also discover THE shop, which we will find all over the territory: Tim Hortons.


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