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Yours to Discover 3

Day Three: Thursday, August 8th
Jordan Valley to Sand Banks (320 km)

During the night, our tent is profoundly tested by heavy showers and Bernice has been attacked by mosquitoes, so we hastily pack our gear, fill the Flex and hit the road at first light. We mark Sandbanks Provincial Park as our destination for today.

Bernice wants to put the wireless earphones on and watch a movie on the screen in quiet. Dad, however, wants her to visualize every detail of the road trip and that she looks around all time, everywhere. We make a deal: Once we hit highway 401, she can have her film.


'Avatar' is keeping Bernice content in her imaginary world, Esmée, next to me, reads the map and gives directions.

Miles and miles go by and hours pass (Canada is huge!) and we decide to look for a campground. One road sign is advertising three campgrounds, so it looks like we''ll be safe.

Only RVs (translated to European standards means super-sized Big Mac mobile homes) are allowed at the first campground. Unfortunately, no simple, elegant tents with according, fancy blue car allowed.

Ca2 0012 Ca2 0015

A few miles on at the second campground we learn it's a youth camp for scouts with beaver hats. The kids would fit, but not daddy, so we press on.

The third location is full of weeds and in decomposition, so we go back to the main road and head toward Picton. We pitch our tent at Hideaway campground, a few miles west of the city.

Ca2 0055

Yesterday we were spoiled with a fantastic spot to camp, now the facilities are older. We're close to each other and the mosquitoes attack even more, but hey, we're just on our way to arrive tomorrow in our first big city – Montreal. Hard to complain though when at least we have a beautiful sunset on Lake Ontario to enjoy.

Ca2 0053

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