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Yours to Discover 5

Ca4 0021

Day Five: Saturday, August 10th
Montreal (0 km)

After traveling and being on the road since the beginning of our trip, and with Kelly's apartment in the city at our disposal, we decide to have a lazy Saturday.

Our new friend François gave us lot of tips and things to do while in Montreal. But instead of trying to see absolutely everything, we just want to feel the pace of the people who live here. So, instead of rushing around here and there, we walk out the front door and go off to discover the city.

Yes, we listened to all of the tips and kept some in mind. Marché Jean Talon is a very nice market with all kinds of farm fresh products, including ice cream.

Ca4 0025

From the beginning, I've been wondering: When traveling with my kids, how long will they go along with the way dad does things? City tripping is not easy with children, especially if you're lost. When I'm by myself I like to get a little lost, not worry and have an eye for every detail (some of these details I capture with my lens of course). Well, this was a very clear point of disagreement, even some rebellion. They didn't like to get lost, especially in a neighbourhood, which wasn't too clean and too trendy. (Later on during the trip, Esmée would admit: 'Dad, in the beginning I didn't understand how you look at 'the corner of the street' or 'just a road,' but now I start to see how nice a 'simple' composition can be (that was one the highlights of this trip, for me.)

When we finally get our bearing, we're looking to hire a Bixi bike. Unfortunately, there are three of us and you can only rent two bikes with one credit card, so we continue our walk, though the kids aren't really excited.

Ca4 0039

All of a sudden, we're arriving in a street filled with stores with cheap dresses for young and old, for small and big (rue Saint Hubert). Bernice, who's fond of dresses and shopping all the way, is all of the sudden super enthusiast. 'Look here, dad!', 'Come over here, dad!'.she says. The street is ugly and looks superficial to me (afterwards, I heard it was like a 1990s experiment  by the city, which wasn't very well received by the habitants), but for Bernice it's like a paradise. So, that's how a dad learns from his daughter.

We're in Quebec where everything is French, but we don't see any French cars until an old DS relieves us. Kids don't understand their dad, that dad likes this car??

Ca4 0043

We finish our walk with sore feet and an Italian meal in Little Italy.

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