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Yours to Discover 6

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Day Six: Sunday, August 11th
Montreal (0 km)

It's our last day in Montreal. Yesterday we wanted to discover parc du Mont Royal, but we didn't make it. Today is our second and final chance. After breakfast in a trendy, small coffee shop 'Le Vieux Velo' we go for it.

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Nice weather makes for an easy Sunday. We discover many nice shops and, with teenage daughters (and a dad who's also interested in their world), we don't hesitate to enter. A pair of nice socks and some postcards are the result (it could have been a lot worse when they get older). Some nice bookshops also catch our attention. And as we love books, the time flies by.

On the map, I see that we're very close, so we pick up our pace. It's already late afternoon when we finally arrive at parc du Mont Royal, but what a great spot! On one part, soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts and volleyball courts are filled with people playing sports.

esm 0020 esm 0041

On the other  side, up on the hill, people are relaxing, making and enjoying music. The people with djembés and other stuff (it seems as though anything that can be hit hard and produce an addictive beat is okay) are producing such a strong vibe that it's giving me huge goosebumps and wet eyes. It's really great to see how people just do things together and everybody enjoys it. For these travellers, Mont Royal is the heart of Montreal.

esm 0048

The bike culture here is amazing too. There are bicycles all over the place, all kinds of them. Even a Vandecasteele (which, in my opinion comes from my place, Bruges, Belgium).

esm 0059

We come upon some motorcycles a few blocks further along, all customized and ready to ride on!

At night, Kelly returns from her weekend trip out of the city. After our last chat and story swap, there's one thing on which we agree: I'm coming back to Montreal.


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