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Day Seven: Monday, August 12th
Montreal to Mont-Tremblant (145 km)

It's Monday morning and time to continue along our way. On Friday we have to have Flexie back at BHG in Mississauga. If we really want to see the Atlantic, we won't make it back on time so we decide to go a little north and make a loop so as to arrive on time on Friday morning. Parc National Mont-Tremblant is our destination of the day.

Montreal is a great city, but it might even be the greatest city in the world. After three intense days there's only one thing I really want: nature, open air and tranquility.

Ca6 0009

We say goodbye to Montreal and au revoir to Kelly before leaving the city on a splendid noon. It's a little hassle to get out of town (road works that aren't very clearly signed seem universal), but the built-in compass points us in the right direction.

Out on the open road, it's great to be back in the comfortable, leather saloon of our powerful Ford Flex. The air cooling works all over to regulate for each individual (driver/passenger) and it even has air-cooled seats. The whole combination of this distinguished vehicle creates a dream to travel with.

Ca6 0004

A short stop in the McDonald's (yes, something Bernice likes) assures us some hot food for today. Once we arrive in the park, I don't want to cook. I just want  to put up the tent and enjoy the silence of nature.

Just as we are entering the park there are some deer standing next to the road, and are not too eager to hide. We get our spot and put up our tent. A walk to and a swim in Lac Monroe finishes our day. Oh, what a beautiful day!

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