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Sick of gaming on closed tracks and in cookie-cutter race cars? Try Ubisoft’s The Crew

The Crew

Yes, yes; we’ve all heard of the big guns in the virtual racing world: Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, iRacing and so forth.

While French game developer Ubisoft is probably better known for the Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry franchises, they have dabbled in the racing genre before; 1998’s Speed Busters was a funky take on the genre (races were held in imaginative locales like a Hollywood movie studio, complete with real-time obstacles like a stampeding T-rex), while 2011’s Driver: San Francisco was an inventive open-world racing and crime fighting game.

Hopefully the best traits from the latter will translate to The Crew, which has lucky Xbox One or PlayStation 4 owners traversing the entire US in a cross-country vehicular adventure, taking on mob bosses and winning races with—I’m sure—a healthy dose of hooliganism thrown in.

Hooliganism is right; fitting an American muscle car (in this demo’s case, a Chevy Camaro) with raised suspension and mudder tires may not be a first—Pierce Brosnan’s Thomas Crown had a Mustang done up in a similar way—but man, does it look cool and it speaks to the tuning possibilities of the game.

Throw in a persistent game world where you can discover friends playing the game online, and you have an interesting sleeper pick of the upcoming crop of next-gen racing games.


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