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Sat. July 3, 2010
Realtime Racing Acura TSX
Watkins Glen International Raceway
World Challenge Racing Series: Round 6

The author suited up for Realtime Racing at Watkins Glen.Back in early July, while driving back to Toronto through New York state, I decided to make an impromptu visit to Watkins Glen to say hi to some friends and check out the World Challenge Race scheduled for that day. I had literally not been there for more than 10 min when I was approached and asked to drive Realtime’s # 44 car. At the last minute their driver was unable to make it (didn’t even have time to change the name on the car!!), so they needed someone to take the start and run a few laps in order to collect manufacturer’s points. Cool beans.

Even though I only ran a few laps, it was enough to get a feel for the car and wow – what a machine! In the past, I have raced the very best TSXs in Grand-Am spec for Kensai/Compass 360 Racing and i-Moto Racing and the difference between that and the World Challenge spec was pretty impressive. Super stiff, amazing brakes, carbon everywhere you looked, X-Track sequential gearbox – one extremely tricked out car (and valued at $250,000 it’s one pricey Acura). Just leaving the pits you could feel the responsiveness of the steering wheel and the overall tightness of the car – it really inspired confidence. I just instantly got this feeling of – yeah, this is a proper race car. Parking the car after only a few laps was SOOOO difficult. Just goes to show you, never leave home without your helmet!

Speaking of which…

My new Helmet!!
Bell Vortex
Paint by Smart Race Paint

The new helmet complete with the Povoledo family crest on the front.

Honouring Nonno Povoledo on the back.

I recently had my new helmet painted and changed the design a little bit at the same time. I’m so happy with how it turned out I wanted to show it off here! The most important change was the addition of my Nonno Povoledo’s (Grandfather’s) name across the back – Giacomo. Nonno was a great man and a big inspiration to me – it is his (our), family crest that I have always used on my helmets and it’s with great pride that I carry his name on it as well.

I can’t thank my friend Patrice Harvey of Smart Race Paint enough. His outstanding attention to detail once again showed why he is one of the very best helmet artists North America. And of course to my friends at Bell who have supported me with their great helmets for over a decade now - thanks everyone!!


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