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The wonderful world of die-casts: A look at the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker (with video)

Bone Shaker Hot Wheels

Ahh, the Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die-cast car. Since 1967, when the first model arrived in stores—a Camaro of the same vintage, before the actual car was even in dealerships—the brand has enjoyed immense popularity while other toy car makers like Corgi, Majorette and Dinky Toys have withered and died.

While the lion’s share of their business is building licensed products under brand names like Chevrolet, Porsche, Batman, Scooby Doo, Ferrari and everything in-between, they have created bespoke models of their own, some of which have gone on to spawn real life impersonations. Talk about backwards engineering, eh?

The Bone Shaker

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker

Of those bespoke models, the Bone Shaker and its variants is probably the best known.

Built to rat-rod specs, it was one of famed Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood’s last projects and has since sprung numerous colour and tampo (on-car graphics; vinyls, in the big-car world) variations, including an off-road variant.

Designer Wood has even managed to procure a real-life, road-going version of the car, which you can get a neat look at in the video.

The Pink Bone Shaker

Pink Bone Shaker

Hot pink may not the most popular colour choice for a car of this type, but that fact that one even exists goes to show you how far the Hot Wheels skunkworks is willing to go with the model.

You’ve still got the four-aside exhaust pipes with headers to match (if the actual car is anything to go by, it’s a small-block Chev V8, which is what Wood had in mind when he designed the original casting) and wide-open top, plus a sweet set of blacked-out five-spoke wheels and pirate-style tampos on the doors.

We’ve seen Bone Shakers in Black in green with black flames, Bone Shakers in gold and silver fleck and Bone Shakers in classic Hot Wheels blue with red and silver accents.

But you know what? I just may have mine in pink, thanks.


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