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A Ford GT race of epic proportions

Ford GT drag race

Most of you, dear readers, have probably heard about the Ford GT40 and its eventual successor, 2005’s Ford GT.

Less is known, however, about the third member of Ford’s mid-engines supercar family, 1970’s GT70.

If the GT40 was built to stick it to Ferrari at Le Mans, then the GT70 was built to take the fight to another Italian manufacturer with a rich motorsports history, Lancia. Only this time, the battle would take place off—way off—the beaten path on back roads in countries like Greece, Finland and Sweden as part of the World Rally Championship.

Unfortunately for the GT70, Ford pulled the plug on the program before it really gained any steam, opting to go with the Escort RS instead. That’s a little strange when you consider the fact that the front-engined, rear drive Escort’s back end was too light to succeed on loose or slippery terrain, which is why the mid-engined GT70 was conceived in the first place. More weight over the rear drive wheels meant more grip; simple as that.

So maybe it didn’t have the competition success of other mid-engined rally greats like the Lancia Stratos or even Ford’s own RS200 but nevertheless, it deserves a spot in Ford’s pantheon of elusive specials.

To prove this point even further, XCar decided to see how it would stack up against its more well-known relatives.

Have a look at the video to see how it fared.

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