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Great races: Fangio at the German Grand Prix, 1957


Perhaps Stirling Moss put it best, saying at the time that “it was one of the classic drives of all time by perhaps the greatest driver,” according to ESPNF1.com

As far as great drives in the history of motorsport go, there are few that eclipse the master performance of Argentinian Juan Manual Fangio at the Nurburgring during the 1957 German Grand Prix.

After seeing his own lap record broken by Ferrari-driving Brit Mike Hawthorn at the beginning of the race, Fangio eventually took it back but a slow pit stop had him exiting pit row three spots down.

With a level of determination harboured by only the most stubborn, talented and manic drivers, Fangio re-took the lap record (9:17.4 was the final tally) and ended up winning out, overcoming all the bashes and bruises—including a broken seat—that the punishing Nurburgring could throw at him.


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