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Hankook tires of the future

Hankook Tire showed off several future tire design concepts at the SEMA Show that are just too cool not to revisit. Check them out and then watch the video of these highly-advanced pieces of rubber in action.

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Tiltread Dynamic Tires

Designed by Ben Zavala, the Tiltread is a resilient, non-pneumatic tire designed to prevent blowouts. The maximized contact ratio and dispersion of surface tension by tilting system designed to provide dynamic but stable cornering. A revolution of the sport tire, Tiltread is designed to provide more dynamic cornering ability through the use of non-pneumatic and tilt tire technology with the addition of unnecessary tread wear.

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Motiv Off Road

Designed by Mark Hearn, the Motiv off-road tire features numerous variable tread blocks that move and adapt to the driving surface beneath to help provide an exhilarating adventure. The variable tread contact patch and non-pneumatic technology provide a tire design that's intended to adapt to extreme conditions without the risk of blowing out.

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eMembrane Optional Friction Variable Tread

The eMembrane (above left) by Scott Lenkowsky might just be the world's smartest hybrid tire. Desgined to not only provide a tire that offers excellent fuel efficiency, but excellent grip for spirited performance, it boasts two modes. In Full Grip mode, eMembrane is designed to increase its contact patch size to provide excellent grip and cornering ability. In Fuel Efficiency mode, the tire reduces its total contact patch size, thus improving rolling resistance and vehicle fuel efficiency.


Richard Byrne's Mag-Trac (above right) features an independent wheel/hub assembly designed to offer excellent ride comfort. Empty space generated through the use of magnetic field technology separates the vehicle's wheel and hub, allowing for a more comfortable and quiet ride. This intelligent tire of the future looks to make driving on air possible.

Tessela Tire

The eco-friendly Tessela tire (not pictured) by Miranda Steinhauser features easily removable tread components that are designed to allow consumers to replace a vehicle's tire tread frequently, allowing for improved performance and a more eco-conscious solution to normally wasted tire materials. Recyclable aluminum bands lock removable tread components in place.

These are all fine and dandy, but one has to wonder how useful any of them will be once the flying car has been perfected. Until that happens though, big props to Hankook for looking this far down the road.

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