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Jay Leno on the McLaren P1

Leno McLaren P1

In keeping with the theme of tech-super cars (have a look out our recent 918 post to see what I’m on about), we bring you this tasty little nugget from the Jay Leno’s garage YouTube channel:

Unlike the horsepower count (903 combined) or monetary value of the car (over a million dineros, but if you have to ask…), it’s how small the numbers discussed in this vid are: 10 steps to build a car. 1 car built a day. 61 people building the car from start to finish. 375 cars in total to emerge from the factory in Woking, UK whose floors are so clean that—as Jay demonstrates—you can almost eat off them.

Really, the only numbers surrounding the P1 that are more impressive are the 0-60 miles-per-hour times, quoted to be in and around the three-second mark.

And so it should be with a top-flight super car like this, even though I’m sure that no matter what McLaren tells you, they’d like to build more as the LaFerrari will have 499 units built (and maybe one extra for the Pope...) by the time the production run is complete.

The best par tof the vid? When Jay activated “Race” mode and you can actually see him bumping around the cockpit more than when he had it off; just a great demonstration of how scalpel-precise the P1 is.

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