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Obtaining Your Race License in Ontario

2010_CASC_Season_Review_5Even though the 2010 Race season is just behind us, it’s time to look towards 2011 and to explain just how simple it is to obtain an Ontario race license.

The first step is to get a starter pack of information from the sport’s governing body, the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs – Ontario Region (CASC-OR), either at www.casc.on.ca or give us a call at 416-667-9500. The starter pack includes a medical form, a licence application form and the all-important rule book, which will be invaluable when you come to take the mandatory written test at the race school.

Once you have received your starter pack, your first priority should be to begin the process of completing the required paperwork. Join a CASC-OR affiliated club. Complete the Licence Application. Arrange for the race medical to be completed by your physician; while it’s a pretty straightforward process (both you and your doctor have to fill in part of the form) it’s worth getting a clear idea of the timeframe for booking your medical test. If you successfully graduate from the race school, CASC-OR must be in receipt of all of this documentation before you are able to race.

Your next priority should be to read the rulebook - several times- paying particular attention to those sections dealing with Officials, Flag Signals and Rules of the Road and Rules of the Pits and Paddock. This knowledge is a not only a central component of the race school but, more importantly, is crucial to ensuring fair and safe conduct for all participants!

Race School? Driving School? How about taking both at the same time?

The next critical step is deciding where to take your school. CASC-OR, or one of its member clubs, organizes two schools each year. In 2011 both schools will take place at Shannonville Motorsport Park on April 23/24 and June 25/26, respectively. The school registration form is available at the CASC-OR offices or on the website at www.casc.on.ca/roadrace.php. We also recognize schools sanctioned by the sport’s national governing body, ASN Canada FIA Inc., if you are from out of province but would like to race in Ontario.

Don’t want to race, but do want to take your driving skills to the next level? The knowledge imparted at the race school is for you as well!

The school curriculum includes alternating theory and practical sessions covering vision, control inputs, vehicle dynamics (managing weight transfer), cornering, flags, race organization and officials and a discussion of racing in traffic. Each student is assigned an experienced instructor who will coach and evaluate their student during all practical exercises including emergency brake and avoidance, weight transfer slaloms, smooth braking while downshifting, cornering and practice race starts. Your instructor will also coach you for all on-track lapping (multiple ½ hour sessions over the two school days) to determine whether or not you have successfully met all the practical course requirements and are ready to apply for your novice licence.

The final step is to send off all of the paperwork, with proof of successful completion of the race school. It goes to the CASC-OR office along with payment for a Regional Road Race Licence and, when it comes back in a couple of weeks, you are ready to enter your first race!

Want more information? There is lots of helpful information on our website: www.casc.on.ca. Still haven’t found the information you need? Contact Ontario Region’s Chief Instructor, Bob Armstrong at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ontario Region’s Race Director, Cindy Armstrong at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CASC-OR Regional Racing Schools 2011


School 1: April 23-24
School 2: June 25-26

Cost: $750 CDN


Shannonville Motorsport Park
2:1 student instructor ratio!

For more information: www.casc.on.ca/roadRace.php

2011 Race Division Schedule

Apr 22-23 
Spring Fling St. Lawrence Automobile Club Shannonville Motorsport Park
Apr 23-24 
Race School     
CASC-OR Shannonville Motorsport Park
May 7-8   
Spring Trophy Races BEMC 
Mosport International Raceway
May 28-29 Trillium Trophy Races DAC    
Shannonville Motorsport Park
June 17-19 Vintage Festival   
Mosport International Raceway
June 25-26
Race School    
Shannonville Motorsport Park
July 3 
Canada Day Grand Prix 
Mosport International Raceway
July 16-17  
DAC Shannonville Motorsport Park
Aug 6-7
Cdn Touring Trophy Races 
Mosport International Raceway
Sep 3-4 Labour Day Grand Prix
Mosport International Raceway
Sep 17-18 Indian Summer Trophy Races BEMC Mosport International Raceway
Oct 1-2  
Celebration of Motorsport  
CASC-OR Mosport International Raceway

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