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2010 Race Ontario Championships presented by Toyo Tires

2010_CASC_Season_Review_1The 2010 season kicked off in April with Spring Fling (a joint venture between St. Lawrence Automobile Club (St. LAC), Shannonville Motorsport Park (SMP) and CASC-OR) and ended in October with the Celebration of Motorsport (a joint venture between Mosport International Raceway and CASC-OR). In May there were two successful regional race schools, hosted by the Motorsport Club of Ottawa and CASC-OR respectively. The RaceOntario Championships were contested over a series

of eight race weekends. Six of these events were run at Mosport International Raceway (two being organized by the British Empire Motor Club (BEMC) and three by the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC), one at Shannonville (organized by the Deutscher Automobil Club (DAC) and one at Calabogie Motorsport Park (organized by the Motorsport Club of Ottawa (MCO).2010_CASC_Season_Review_8

The RaceOntario GT Sprint Championship presented by Toyo Tires is an open GT series comprised of six separate classes - GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5 and GT6 – with cars grouped based on the bracket that a car/driver combination performs within. With a total of 24 sprint races spread over the eight championship weekends this format ensures maximum inclusion as it accommodates both an extensive variety of sedans and driver experience/skill levels at minimal cost. With a total of 401 entries in GT Sprints in the 2010 season all of the class winners in this championship had their work cut out for them.

1. Nigel Krikorian
2. Mike Boekdrukker
3. Ian Patterson

1. Nicholas Krikorian
2. Ian Madden
3. Andrew Romocki

1. Jonathan Rashleigh
2. Paul Myers
3. Peter Carpenko

1. Andrew Bearrs

2. Bryan Rashleigh
3. Perry Iannuzzi

1. Richard Foegele
2. Nelson Monteiro
3. Mark Durant

1. Andrew Mackintosh
2. Dereck Bassant
3. Frank Caputo

Nicholas Krikorian

Ayrton Triolo

GT Challenge
The GT Challenge presented by Toyo Tires was a new series to regional racing for 2010 follows the same class structure as the GT Sprints, but offers competitors the opportunity to participate in longer ‘endurance’ style races and to share championship points.

1. Nigel Krikorian
2. Ian Patterson

1. Nicholas Krikorian
2. Russell Saulnier
3. Andrew Romocki

1. Paul Myers
2. Alec Chalvardjian
3. Allan de Wolfe

1. Andrew Bearss
2. Joe Chan

1. David Shep
2. Mark Durant
3. Richard Foegele

1. Jonathan/Bryan Rashleigh

Formula Libre
As its name suggests, the RaceOntario Formula Libre Championship offers all open- wheel single-seaters and lightweight sports racers that do not fall within any other specific recognized class.

Nick Majors
Bruce Gregory

Formula 1200
The Formula 1200 Drivers Association (FTDA) Championship is a single- marque open-wheel single-seat racing series. The strict rule set provides a reliable mechanical platform and virtually identical performance characteristics from car to car that promotes driver development.

Formula 1200
1. Michael Iamundi
2. Phil Wang
3. Sergio Pasian

Ontario Formula Ford Championship
The Ontario Formula Ford Championship (OFFC) is an open-wheel single-seat racing series. It has three classes that compete for points during the season, with cars grouped based on the year in which the chassis was built.

Class A
1. Dean Baker
2. Stefan Rzadzinski
3. Caitlin Johnston

Class B
1. Kieran Murphy
2. Gord Ross
3. Andrew Mason

Class C
1. Mike Lee

G70/Vintage Championship
The Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada (V ARAC) was formed in 1976 to provide a central club in which vintage race enthusiasts could participate. The spirit of VARAC can be expressed as a wish to preserve, restore and race historically significant cars in a form as close to the original specification as possible.

Group 70+
2010 Class Champion
Mike Steplock

2010 Class Champion
Anthony Polito

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