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The CACC and WCMA Offer Options For Racers-to-be in Western Canada

Today’s cars have capabilities beyond what is permitted on public roads. How can you test the limits of yourself as a driver and your car legally?

Getting Started

Want to get involved in racing in Western Canada, either as a competitor or volunteer? In British Columbia, the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC) affiliates clubs who organize events under CACC regulations, in the Prairies, Western Canada Motorsports Association affiliates clubs who organize events under WCMA regulations. Affiliated clubs organize events that offer ways of competing with your car against other drivers.

WCMA and CACC affiliated clubs in British Columbia and the Prairies offer three types of motorsports competition, AutoSlalom, Time Attack and Road Racing. For more information, contact a WCMA or CACC affiliated club in your area. You can find affiliated clubs at www.wcma.ca or www.caccautosport.org


AutoSlalom Photo by CACC & WCMAAutoSlalom is a way of testing yourself and your car against other drivers in a controlled environment. AutoSlalom events are open to people who have street-legal cars, and the car classification ensures that competition is equal between car types.

A course is set out with traffic cones in a paved area. You and your car start in a start box, which begins timing, and end in a stop box, completing a single one lap of the course. The run is done with one car at a time, or a significant separation between starters. Hitting cones during your run, meaning you have gone off course, cause a time penalty. AutoSlalom rewards precise driving skills. You are scored by your times, classified by the type of car you drive in the event. The official results will show where you have finished relative to the other competitors. Basic personal protective equipment is required, usually consisting of an approved helmet.

Time Attack

Time Attack events are held on purpose-built road courses, such as Mission Raceway Park (Mission, BC), Stratotech Park (Ft. Saskatchewan, AB), or Gimli Motorsports Park (Gimli, MB). Purpose-built road courses are designed for high-performance driving, with runoff areas and barriers.

In Time Attack, you and your car race on a road course, completing a multiple laps of the course in a timed session. There may be more than one car on the course at a time, however depending on the event, passing is only allowed in certain areas of the course.

You are scored by your best laptime, classified by the type of car you drive in the event. At a minimum, you need an approved helmet, depending on modifications to, and the potential speed of your car, additional personal safety equipment may be required.

Road Racing

Road racing. Photo by CACC & WCMAIn Road course racing, you race against other drivers at the same time. Although cars are classed into different categories, generally all closed-wheel (with fenders) race together, all open-wheel cars (without fenders) race together. The winner is determined by who crosses the finish line first, in each category.

Road course events are held at Mission Raceway Park (Mission BC) and Gimli Motorsports Park (Gimli MB), as well as temporary circuits in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Road racing requires a fully safety prepared car with rollover protection, and personal safety equipment consisting of a helmet, fire resistant driving suit, frontal head restraint devices, and approved driver safety harness devices.

Further information, including schedules, regulations, and lists of affiliated clubs, can be found at www.wcma.ca and www.caccautosport.org

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