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Inside Robert Herjavec's Garage

Now THIS is a dream garage

We recently published a feature interview with Robert Herjavec (available here) in the December issue of PRN. The interview was a revealing, wide-ranging chat which covered a bunch of topics from Herjavec's experiences as a racer in Ferrari Challenge (which crowned him Rookie of the Year for 2011), to some of the more 'interesting' pitches he's heard during his time on CBC's Dragons' Den to his enduring love for fast, rare and yes, expensive cars.

Due to the space limitations we have to deal with in the magazine, we were only able to run a few of the choicest shots from our shoot in Herjavec's garage.

Here on the web, however, space is not an issue, so we thought, 'hey, why not empty our photo file onto PRNMAG.com so our loyal readers (and interested passers-by), can see ALL of the great stuff we shot that day?'

Great idea! So without further adieu, here's the rest of the photos from our shoot inside Robert Herjavec's awesome garage.

All photos by Giancarlo Pawelec/automotofoto.net

PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_069_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_028_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_068_v2
PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_061_-_Copy PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_060_-_Copy_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_063
PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_043_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_037_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_065
PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_056 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_070 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_058
PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_055_-_Copy PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_052_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_032
PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_066_-_Copy PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_059 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_057
PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_033_v2 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_064 PRN_Interview_with_Robert_Herjavec_-_044

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