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What a Guy: On The Move…Literally!

Guy Smith behind the wheel of the Dyson Racing Lola/Mazda. Photo by Dan Boyd/American Le Mans SeriesWell a lot has happened since my last column - mainly off the track as my family and I are in the middle of moving house. They say divorce, death and moving are three of the most stressful things in life and I can certainly agree with that!

We had moved into our converted barn house back in 2004 and spent the next couple of years renovating it making it into the house that we had dreamed of. And over the years we’ve had lots of great times there. For example our wedding reception was held there along with the children's christenings and numerous parties and BBQs! - of course - so we will be a little sad to leave.

But now that we have the three children and the eldest - Bronte - is starting school (Ed’s note: You can’t be serious! She can’t possibly be of that age yet!) we wanted to move somewhere that was a little closer to her school and a little less ‘in the sticks.” As a result we are on the hunt for a new house to start the next chapter in the Smith family life.

We are looking for that ‘perfect house’ that ticks all the boxes and its proving harder than finding either Allan McNish or Marino Franchitti at the bar with there wallets out! So we have decided to rent a lovely house with a view to buy should we be able carry out the necessary work to make it into the right family home.

Smith (right) confers with his crew. Photo by Dan Boyd/American Le Mans SeriesSo my little bit of time off between the VLN races at the Nurburgring and Le Mans testing has been spent packing boxes and lugging them around the house... I don’t need any fancy training camps - I have Lissy telling me where she wants boxes moving too and what needs lifting. Trust me, this is endurance training at its best! Although my back isn’t too impressed by it all…

So the big move will be next Tuesday and then I have a day in our new home before leaving for my second VLN race the following Saturday. After the race I will be straight in the car and back to the UK asap as on Sunday morning Lissy and I are godparents to our friends’ child Beatrice. Once my duties are done there I will be back in the car for the hours drive to the PF International karting circuit for my annual charity karting event that I host. So it will be a busy weekend.

Overall Le Mans winner Guy Smith is one of the most well-traveled drivers in the paddock of the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón. The British star, who won at Le Mans with Bentley in 2003, will publish a regular blog for www.americanlemans.com.

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