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Extensive TV Coverage of XR1200 Series

Extensive coverage of the Harley-Davidson XR1200 Cup will form a major component of the television package for this year’s Canadian Superbike Championship by Parts Canada.

Part of the recently announced schedule on high definition ‘Risk, Adventure, Danger’ channel radX will include at least three rounds of the new class, including the season finale from Mosport International Raceway. As with the other Canadian Superbike Championship classes, radX HD will have flag-to-flag coverage of these XR1200 rounds in a half-hour format in both HD and 3-D. The coverage will be part of the new ‘Motorcycle Monday’ prime time programming.

The shows will be jointly produced by Professional Motorsports Productions and Whistlestop Productions.

“The Harley-Davidson XR1200 Cup will bring together some of the biggest names in racing on board machines from one of the legendary brands in the industry,” said David Hatch, who along with his partner Stacey Hatch is an executive producer at Whistlestop Productions. “We think this class will provide some of the most exciting racing action of the season.”

Professional Motorsports Productions has handled TV coverage of the Canadian Superbike Championship since 1994. Whistlestop Productions has been the creator of numerous motorsports related programs over the past 22 years, including such shows as Motorcycle Experience, Pit Crews and Ultimate Superbike, as well as covering Freestyle motocross, Supermoto and other forms of motorsport.

Based on similar series already running in the United States and Great Britain, the Harley-Davidson XR1200 Cup will feature riders on near identical, stock versions of the sport twins. The class is backed by Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada.

“It’s great to see so many riders on board for this first season,” said Don James, Chairman and CEO of Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada. “I have already heard of many Harley enthusiasts and HOG members from across the country planning social riding trips to attend the racing events and watch the high performance Harleys on the track.”

The national motorcycle road race series will be featured in a minimum of 12 half-hour time slots in prime time as part of Motorcycle Monday’s on radX. The Monday evening line-up will also include season two of the documentary ‘Ultimate Superbike’, a behind the scenes look at the BMW Motorrad Canada factory Superbike team.

radX is owned and operated by High Fidelity HDTV™, Canada’s leading HD broadcaster. With its suite of High Definition channels, Oasis HD™, Treasure HD™, eqhd™, and radX™, High Fidelity HDTV provides Canadians with some of the best non-fiction programming from around the world.

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