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CSBK’s New Look and New Management For 2011


Frontline is proud to announce that they are the newly appointed management company of the Canadian Superbike Championship. Frontline CSBK Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company dedicated to the development and advancement of motorcycle road racing in Canada.

Together with many of the experienced and talented staff of Professional Motorsports Productions (former Series organizer), Frontline will guide the evolution of the sport of national level motorcycle racing in a new direction; one that will improve service to racers and enhance the racing experience to fans and corporate partners.

2011 will mark the 11th season of Parts Canada’s involvement as the prime Series sponsor. Both Parts Canada and Frontline CSBK plan to continue this relationship well into the future, ensuring stability and growth in a Series that has a rich history, strong fan base and a reputation for producing very competitive racing.

"We are thrilled to be at the forefront of a new outlook at Canadian road racing. Parts Canada has always been proud of our affiliation with the Canadian Superbike Championship, and it's very exciting to be part of a new energy that will inspire the restructuring of the Canadian Series,” states James Danyluk, President of Parts Canada. We look forward to a fresh look in 2011 with the CSBK Championship presented by Parts Canada, and continuing our partnership in its future development."

The Canadian Superbike Championship has always enjoyed strong partnerships with the OEM’s, and this year will be no exception. With a minimum of six of the major manufacturers participating in the 2011 championship, we are anticipating a very exciting season. More information on industry and non-industry support for the Championship will be released soon.

The launch of www.csbk.ca is the first wave in the new direction of media for the championship. Moving towards web based media enables a broader range of coverage to consumers and racing fans, while ensuring a timely channel of information and entertainment. Reporting of race events will begin Friday morning and will include regular updates, track footage and racer interviews that will continue throughout the course of each weekend. Fans will have access to what’s going on in the paddock as well as on track on a constant basis with more timely coverage of their favorite races.

“We are excited to kick off the season with the launch of www.csbk.ca,” said Kevin Graham of Series organizer Frontline CSBK. “Moving towards more web based media platforms will enable the Series to extend our reach of public awareness and provide racers and teams with additional publicity.”

With the competition for advertising dollars increasing on a daily basis it has become imperative that sanctioning bodies and racing promoters continue to develop ways to enhance the experience for the fans watching at home and those attending an event. The intent is to bring a new generation of fans to the race track and experience one of the original and most exciting extreme sports of our era, while still in an environment that the whole family can enjoy. Frontline CSBK encourages all fans to click on, tune in and get out to an event in 2011.

The 2011 Canadian Superbike Championship kicks off on May 20th with the Pirelli tire test at Calabogie Motorsports Park which will be hosted by the Turn 2 Sportbike School. Round one will take place May 27-29 at Circuit ICAR near Montreal, Quebec.

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