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2012 IndyCar Concept Unveiled

2012 IndyCar Concept (road and street course) Photo by IMS PhotoAfter much speculation and anticipation, the IZOD IndyCar Series took the wraps off its 2012 car for the first time today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Dallara Automobili (constructor of the current IndyCar chassis) has been charged with building the new chassis (officially called the 2012 IndyCar Safety Cell) and will also build an aero kit that will be included with each car. Other manufacturers have been invited to build areo kits, but it's uncertain as to whether they will be available to teams next year or in 2013.

The cars - one for ovals and one for road and street courses - are concepts and therefore not final, but 2012 Car Project Manager Tony Cotman said they are designed to give fans and media an idea as to what they can expect to see on track next year.

2012 IndyCar Concept (oval course) Photo by IMS Photo"The idea behind these is to show two totally different-looking vehicles that underneath are the same chassis. There is lot of room for aerodynamic kit development and that's what this platform is about - allowing people the freedom to design as they wish, dream as they wish and come up with a superior product than others. That's what drives competition.

"So will these be exactly what Dallara's kits are going to look like on road courses and ovals next year? No.," Cotman said.

Dallara's aero components are currently undergoing final wind tunnel testing at company headquarters in Parma, Italy. Initial on-track testing of the new car is set to begin the first week of August.

The concept cars will be on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from now through the Indianapolis 500 Centennial race on Sunday, May 29.

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