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F1 Belgian GP – Race aborted after three laps behind the Safety Car; Verstappen declared the race winner

Francorchamps, Belgium, Aug 29/21 (by George Russell Webster): They came, it rained, the race ended formally about 6:30 pm local time after two sessions behind the Safety Car. Under the rules, three laps had been completed and this was considered enough to meet the requirements for ‘classification’ – that is, for a race result to be declared and half-points to be awarded.

In general, the official race result showed the drivers finishing in the order in which they had qualified: Max Verstappen first, George Russell second and Lewis Hamilton third.

Lando Norris, who crashed heavily at Eau Rouge at the start of the Q3 qualifying session, was given a five-place grid penalty for replacing the gearbox. Kimi Räikkönen, given the rain conditions opted to change his rear wing; he was penalized to starting from the pit lane.

On the reconnaissance lap out from pit lane, Sergio Perez crashed at Malmedy corner and he seemed to be out of the race. During the long delay after the first attempt to start the race, race officials had second thoughts and allowed his crew to repair the car. When the second attempt to get started behind the Safety Car was made, Perez was able to join the queue at the back. Of course, after this procession in the rain ended – and ended the race – Perez was scored in the last position and being able to restart the ‘race’ was of no benefit to him. However, with Perez classified as a race finisher, this made this race one of the few GPs to ‘finish’ with no retirements.

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