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groupThey might not sell the most bikes on the road, and they may not be cleaning up in Motos around the world but BMW Motorrad has some of the most stylish and efficient bikes on the market today without question. It is common belief in North America that BMW motorcycles haven’t been around for more than a few decades, well that couldn’t be further from the truth. BMW Motorrad has been building bikes since 1923 and with every year comes more and more innovation from what has evolved into one of the most successful motorcycle (and of course automobile) companies in history. PRN spent some time with BMW Motorrad Canada Marketing Manager, Chris Duff to get some insights in to what makes the brand so successful.

BMW Motorrad builds fascinating and dynamic motorcycles for almost every purpose. Whether it is a trip to the end of the world or a hot lap on the race track, perhaps a comfortable touring motorcycle or just an urban cool machine, every rider and riding style is covered. Duff points out that BMW Motorrad products offer many technological firsts such as ABS and traction control, the bikes are made from lightweight materials and feature suspension designs unlike the competition, some even have electronic suspensions. “Even though we have all of these advancements, our efforts in lifestyle events are a large part of our success.” BMW Motorrad accomplishes this by staying involved in worldwide markets and listening to their clientele. Their involvement in the world of motorsports and enthusiast events is unrivaled but their focus on creating the BMW Experience is something altogether different

woman“Lifestyle is what we try to sell,” says Duff. “This is the third year of the BMW Motorrad Summerfest held during the Superbike race at Mosport and we attract customers from all over the county. Everyone has a great time, we get people from BC to the Maritimes. There are also many riders from Alberta because they consistently plan their vacation time around it but the furthest we ever had was a guy from the Yukon!” The event features all kinds of activities and even training with instructors from Montreal who have been certified at BMW Motorrad in Germany. The rider training seminars are designed to improve skills on two wheels under the watchful eyes of some of the best instructors in the world. “These training sessions allow riders to get the most out of their bike and are well attended,” adds Duff. Beyond the racing action, activities and training, Summerfest features a live concert held Saturday night with the food and beverage tab covered by BMW – only for BMW riders.

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BMW Motorrad has developed many interesting programs for the owners of their products that engage the riding lifestyle and not just the bike itself. The brainchild of BMW Motorrad, they offer owners access to stellar events held all over the world. waterThese events encompass not only meeting the interesting personalities of the people behind the bars but actually take their experience on the road. These first class holidays are scheduled around the globe extending the experience beyond your neighborhood and collectively as a group. Currently, the largest events are done in Australia, South Africa and Spain. The Australian event is smallest but it is a several day ride which has been described as “life changing.” The South African event was the first ever organized and features riding through all four climates in this GS-style off-road event.

Beyond the exclusive excursions, the BMW Motorrad experience can be customized to your needs. After purchase there is no need to scour the internet to find motorcycle gear or accessories for your bike. This fashionable and functional gear is available at the time of purchase and can be included all under one low monthly payment. “You can finance up to 125% the value of the bike, so the opportunity is there to buy all you need at a low interest rate for your adventures,” says Duff. The special interest rate incentives to move bikes also works for accessories and the rider can roll out off the dealer floor exactly the way they envisioned. With over 5,000 items of apparel and accessories, a tailored fit and finish is available for you and your bike right out of the showroom.

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