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Video: 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on track at Portland

Challenger SRT Hellcat

Earlier this week I attended the media launch of the 2015 Dodge Challenger in Portland, Oregon. While I'm not going to spill the beans all in one place right now, there will be a full feature in a future issue of PRN Ignition and all kinds of bits, bites and photos from the event to come. For now, I've stitched together some raw video from my time with the 707-hp/650 lb-ft SRT Hellcat at the Portland International Raceway.

The first part of the video shows me driving this Detroit-bred, Brampton-built beast of burden on the 12-turn, 3.17-km (1.97-mile) road course later in the day after I had a chance to learn the course. As you'll see, thanks to our trusty AiM Smartycam, the car is blazing fast! Unfortunately, the track map overlay got cut off for some reason, and the lap times aren't counted properly until the third one because, well, I'm not sure why. At any rate, the final lap would have been the fastest, however, I slow right down after the final turn going on to the long front straight to do a full cool-down laps for the brakes as instructed by our Dodge and SRT hosts.

After seeing how fast and easy this car is to drive on the road course (it is freaking quiet - inside - too!), one of the Dodge engineers does a massive burnout on the drag strip to end the day off on a high note. And what a note it is! Wow not meow!


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