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The Next Step Episode 6

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Episode 6:....“kinda shakes when you break the sound barrier…”


In episode five I rambled on about the joy of oversteer for so long that I didn’t have enough room for a photo journal section. So, with that in mind, I decided to spend this episode sharing more stories of the incredible cars, people and places that I hope will be of interest to my fellow enthusiasts. Enjoy!

 Ferrari Empire Region: Art of Ferrari Gala Dinner. Wings of Eagles Discovery Center, Corning Elmira Regional Airport. Famous aircraft surrounded by gorgeous Ferraris.

Set in the wine country region of New York’s Finger Lakes region, the Empire Region Ferrari Club Each hosts an amazing event in the town of Corning and the nearby track of Watkins Glen every Labour Day Weekend. This year’s event featured a concours at the Corning Museum of Glass and a Gala dinner inside the Elmira Regional aviation museum. Overall, it was an exceptional weekend which I highly recommend to any Ferrari (or wine) enthusiast.

The_Next_Step_Ep6_1 The_Next_Step_Ep6_2

Mustang Challenge: Miller Motorsports Park Utah
Owner/Driver: Chris Zakin

The_Next_Step_Ep6_3This is, without question, one of the best out of the box race cars I have ever driven. The Ford Mustang FR500S was developed by Ford’s racing department as a spec racer for the Mustang Challenge Series which runs in conjunction with Grand-Am events. Check out www.mustangchallenge.com for cool videos and interviews.

It was great fun to drive and extremely cost effective- a perfect training ground for drivers wanting to make the step between club and pro racing. Just add gas.

Corner Marshals at Mont Tremblant

The_Next_Step_Ep6_4Attention race fans, teams and drivers!

Our corner workers are the true unsung heroes of our sport. They are the ultimate enthusiasts and are the front line in saving us driver’s butts!

I think it is really important to recognize the level of dedication it takes to spend an entire weekend outside in the elements with items such as “reaching into a burning car” on one’s list of job duties. Whether you are a spectator, team member or driver – I implore you – make a point of thanking the corner marshals every chance you get. Without them there would be no race- period.

Dick York: F4 Phantom and Ferrari 360 Challenge

The_Next_Step_Ep6_5 The_Next_Step_Ep6_6

Back to the Ferrari event at Watkins Glen: I’m eating dinner with my new friend Dick York (above, left and right) who earlier that day had entrusted his Ferrari 360 Challenge car to me (one of the best handling challenge cars I’ve ever driven), and he says he wants to go look at a Russian Mig in the corner of the hanger. Being polite I enquire if he has ever flown a plane, and he said, “Yep, used to”. Prodding a little further, I ask what type, thinking maybe a Cessna, crop duster or a turbo prop of some sort. York replies, “One of those”, pointing at a F4 Phantom. So I drag him over to the jet, ask a million questions like a kid in a candy shop and end up wanting his autograph. During the entire exchange he speaks of this supersonic jet the way you or I would talk about some non-descript rental car. Finally I ask him what it’s like to go Mach 2 to which he shrugs a little and replies, “kinda shakes a little when you break the sound barrier.”

Bravery is completely subjective.


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